Nacho Chips

S £9.80 / L £12
We reinterpreted everyone's favourite Nacho and took its taste one step further. Our crunchy nacho chips are stacked high with melty golden cheese (both are grated and deliciously gooey), a combination of spicy jalapenos and crispy onions perfectly contrasting texture and flavour. Try some today and see for yourself why nacho chips are so delicious! Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available!
Ingredients: ⁠Grated Cheese, Melted Cheese, ⁠Crispy Onions, Jalapeño

Each Toppıng is £1.20

ToppingsAllergensDietary RestrictionsNotes
Halloumi (milk)MilkVegetarian
Vegan CheeseVariesVegan